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  1. codyNC90

    Sonnet/ZIF G4 1.0GHz

    I am trying to find the differences between the Sonnet/ZIF G4 1.0GHz models to figure out what makes some revisions B&W compatible. The CPLD logic on Rev. A is LC4384V-35F256-5I: I assume its the same for later revisions, but I don't have a picture to confirm that. There is a chip...
  2. codyNC90

    PowerMac 9600 Fan plug

    The prongs that interface on the case panel chipped off and I'm not sure how to replace them or where to find a matching cable/prong or whole fan. Any ideas anyone?
  3. codyNC90

    PowerMac G4 Sleep Issue

    I have a gigabit G4 (with sonnet 1.6ghz and SATA drives) and I have had a lot of trouble doing anything with 9.2.2. On this hard drive is the Universal 2013 Mac OS 9.2.2 install. It will not let me sleep the computer. On Mac OS X 10.5 it does fine and everything works.
  4. codyNC90

    Overclocking the Sonnet Encore ST/G4

    Hi everybody, I am wondering if the Sonnet Encore/ST G4 series can be overclocked similar to the Encore/MDX G4 Duet series as seen on http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php?topic=3523.0 by Knezzen and MacTron. Here is a picture of the underside of the 1.6GHz card: ...the 1.7 GHz card...
  5. codyNC90

    Powerbook 1400c lid rebuild options

    The PowerBook 1400c lids are notorious for cracking at the hinge as you can see due to the screws on the underside. Is there a way to recreate or fix these? I was trying to redraw on CAD but my skills are not that good. Would 3D scanning be possible? If there is a solid way to remake these and...
  6. codyNC90

    Powerbook 1400 16mb ram module upgrade to 24mb

    I have a 16mb ram module for the 1400c and I cannot find any 24mb ram modules. Would it be possible to add the 4 needed chips and some kind of connection at C3 to change 16mb to 24mb? It looks like there are some online warehouses that have KM48C2100BS-L6 chips.
  7. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    I have a IIci that has been recapped but does not work without a Diimo 50mHz accelerator. However, I want to put a carrera in it. An 040 accelerator won't work because it needs the original 030 to initially boot I believe. So...I took of the 68030FE25B processor and ordered a 68030FE33C...
  8. codyNC90

    Mac Plus with Graphics Card

    I have a Mac Plus with a Graphics card that clips directly on the processor. I have been trying to get it to work for quite some time. Unfortunately the card comes with no markings. However, the processor is a 24-bit TI TMS34061FNL that looks like some RasterOps graphics cards might have used...