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    Killed an MDD logic board

    A few months ago, I was trying to overclock my MDD (rev A from 2002) from 1.25GHz to 1.5GHz, so I could get DiscordPPC to run properly, but I accidentally overvolted the CPU card and killed the logic board. Can this logic board be saved or should I just buy a working one?
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    Concept: LC Microdrive III: a Rom for LC III users to boot without a hard drive for recovery purposes

    As i was looking at my LC III today, I found out there’s some unused pads for a ROM of an unknown capacity, then I remembered the rominator ii and Macintosh classic which both had bootable systems in rom that were accessed by pressing or holding keys on startup. Would that be possible to make on...
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    G4 7455 or 7457 CPUs needed

    I have a 1.25GHz MDD dual CPU card from a rev a MDD from 2002 that I blew up due to over voltage. Does anyone have any spare 7455s or 7457s I can use to put on the card? Thanks in advance
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    MDD not turning on after an overclock and overvolt

    I have a dual 1.25GHz MDD that I sent to someone on Reddit who overclocked it to 1.5GHz. They did not have the hardware necessary to test it, so I took a gamble (cuphead says double down, I say it’s better not to play), but when I pressed the power button, the light faded to black, there was no...
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    RaSCSI: install DaynaPORT drivers without floppy disk?

    I had to remake my RaSCSI install because the SD card I was using died because of the heat generated in my Macintosh Classic, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to install the DaynaPORT drivers without a disk without it failing to recognize the digital disk and asking for the physical...
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    RaSCSI: set up connection with MacTCP?

    I'm lost on setting up my RaSCSI. I have the daynaport software installed, but I can't figure out how to set up the connection in MacTCP control panel. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    Macintosh classic: no physical floppy disks, bought a raSCSI, how do I install the daynaport software?

    So I have a Macintosh classic and a Macintosh LC III, i Just put together my raSCSI and I’m trying to install the daynaport software and I don’t have any physical disks, what software can I run to install it without the disk? I have an img file and StuffIt expander 5.5 isn’t doing anything but...
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    RaSCSI: DSK files, or links to premade HDA files for 7.5?

    I just bought and set up a RaSCSI for my Macintosh Classic, and I noticed it doesn't have any version of system 7.5 on it, or really any version past 7.0.1. I have a 7.5.3 image, but it's in a DSK format, and I read that it only accepts variants of the HDA format and CDR files and ISO images. Is...
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    Macintosh Classic power cable - Would an LC cable work?

    I have a Macintosh Classic that had no hard drive, nor any evidence of any being in there (there was a terminator on the SCSI port on the board) and I'm buying a RaSCSI to put in there so I can not only boot the machine into something other than system 6 but also connect said machine to the...
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    Weird adb problems?

    I have a Macintosh LC III that I’m using an AppleDesign keyboard on along with the 1987 adb mouse. Sometimes, keys just don’t work on the keyboard, but when I unplug it and plug it back in, suddenly the mouse is slower than it was and the keyboard works fine. What’s going on with it? I’m running...
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    Macintosh Classic crashing seconds after boot with kingston RAM expansion installedq

    I was using my Macintosh Classic last night, and it was working, now this morning, it crashes with the Kingston RAM expansion installed, and with RAM populated in the slots, it throws up a simasimac, how do I fix these issues?