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    VGA to Mac Adapter dip switches mapping needed

    Can anyone share a dip switch mapping for this VGA-to-Mac Adapter? This particular adapter got only 6 dip switches. Thanks!
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    SCSI HD doesn't boot internally in SE/30 (but works externally)

    Got a HD (Maxtor MXT 540S) for my SE/30 but it won't boot as internal drive. Curiously, if I put it into an external SCSI case w/ active termination, it boots. So, the problem appears to do with termination. I managed to find some info (in german) about jumper settings. But its TP...
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    LC 1: no chime, no display, fan spins (w/ photo)

    Got a LC w/o a working PSU, but the board looks decent. So, an ATX PSU is used instead to provide 5V and12V. Sadly the machine turns on without any sign of life except the spinning fan. I have soaked it in hot bath and have it fully recapped already but still no change. I had tried with and...
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    Help to make IIsi PSU work for LC

    Is it doable to use a IIsi PSU for a LC? I hv a working IIsi PSU and a LC motherboard that I want to test out. Can anyone share the pinout of a IIsi PSU so that I can wire them to my LC motherboard? Also, is it possible to turn on the IIsi PSU (which doesn't have a power-on switch) ... like...
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    SCSI hard drive won't start due to low voltages (Color Classic)

    I have a working scsi hard drive. It has been tested to work fine with my Color Classic when booting from an external scsi chasis box with independent power source. The problem comes when I fit it back into my CC internally. Now, it won't boot and the hard drive doesn't spin. Turns out the...
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    Did Color Classic use any tantalum capacitor?

    Got a little fellow dropped out as I pulled the CC motherboard out from its body.  It is a yellow tantalum capacitor of 33u 25V. Since I haven't recapped anything, all components are original.  I thought it came out from the motherboard.  But my search was futile.   Nothing seems missing in...
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    Can a IIsi Asante MacCon used for SE/30?

    I have taken a Asante MacCon PDS card from a IIsi machine and would like to know if I can put it into a SE/30 because they are both PDS.  The problem is that I cannot get the card working after configuring IP stuff from MacTCP/Control Panel.  I have installed Asanté 5.1.2 on my SE/30...
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    Radius Pivot on SE/30

    Hi there! I recently bought an SE/30 with a Radius Pivot card inside.   I don't have a Radius monitor but I have a Apple High Resolution RGB Display. So I connect them together and System 7.5.3 seems to recognize the external monitor because the Control Panel shows a second monitor. But...
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    Macintosh IIsi blue screen - need help

    Hello Fellows!   I got a IIsi from ebay.  It shows a blue screen on a 13" Apple High Resolution monitor when powers on. After some frustaration, I added a new PRAM battery and replaced all 47uF caps, but not the big caps yet.  But the result is all the same except the PSU can be switched off...
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    Apple 13" RGB monitor as VGA display

    Hi, I have a 13" AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (M0401). I really like the monitor and wonder if it can be used as a VGA monitor for Windows machines also. Since its doing the same resolution as VGA's 640x480, I guess this should be possible. So I tried connecting it to a Windows 7...