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  1. Arisotura

    Anyone got dumps of the IIfx GALs?

    As title says. Basically, my IIfx isn't giving any sign of life, and here's what I observed so far: UJ7, UK7, UL8 and UN9 get really hot. Not sure if that's indicative of any fault? These chips seem to be GAL16's. I'd understand why one would fail, but... all of them, at once? So I'm unsure...
  2. Arisotura

    Fix0ring a Macintosh IIfx

    I was looking around on eBay when I saw this one, so I thought, hey, why not give it a try. It was provided as 'not working' and having undergone battery leakage, but it did not look that bad... Some of these components aren't looking too hot, but compared to the pics of Maxell-bombed Macs...
  3. Arisotura

    LC TDK power supply starts when it feels like it

    I ordered some supplies so I can redo my soldering on my Mac LC motherboard the right way. In the meantime I figured I'd focus on the power supply, which is the typical TDK one. Of course, it had crapoed capacitors, so I replaced all the output-side capacitors and cleaned up the mess. The power...
  4. Arisotura

    Macintosh LC recapping woes

    So a while ago I got a Macintosh LC, power supply was dead but in the meantime I was able to get it working by connecting it to an ATX power supply. It had no sound but otherwise seemed to work fine. Obviously the capacitors were at fault there, so I got new capacitors and set to work... ...
  5. Arisotura

    Macintosh LC recapping woes

    EDIT- my bad, this is the wrong forum