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    Colour Classic - screen won´t turn on

    Hello, I´ve some trouble with my Colour Classic, please let me explain. I bought this CC as not working, the seller said it won´t turn on. A few hours later when I was at home again, I tried it again and it chimed and was booting, perfect I thought. But it didn´t last long and it seems, that...
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    Sonnet Encore ZIF G4 CPU Upgrade - G3 B&W jumper setting

    Hello, could someone let me know how to set the jumper for a Sonnet Encore ZIF G4 1Ghz CPU in a G3 B&W? I pulled the jumper and these little metal brackets fall out of the jumper block. Unfortunately there is no reference in the Sonnet documentation, it is only mentioned that a jumper is...
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    Identification RasterOps cards for SE/30 PDS

    Hello, I found these two RasterOps cards in SE/30 macs. The upper one is the ColorBoard 264/SE30, but what about the other one? Does anybody now which card that is? Has one connector and goes to the backside with DB15 port (same as the 264/SE30) Thanks
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    Macintosh ROM, 64-pin SIMM

    Hello, I´ve a question about the 64pin ROM SIMM which Apple used in the IIx, IIfx, IIsi, IIcx, IIci and SE/30. Are they interchangeable on these models (even if they have different ROM sizes and some of them are 32-bit clean)? There are ROM SIMMs with different part no. (eg. 341-0655A...
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    Color Classic - Problem with analog board

    Hello, my name is Patrick, I have two Color Classic Macs in decent cosmetic condition and some problems with both (one smaller, one bigger) and I hope someone could help me with an idea to fix both. The first one was working when I got it, I recapped the logic board and after a few hours of...