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  1. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    I've got a Macintosh Portable M5126 here that doesn't boot. With power applied via the Molex, it will briefly show random lines on the display when a key is pressed, before shutting off again. I did a full recap of the board but the issue still persists. Sometimes not even the lines show up...
  2. SuperSVGA

    Classic II Vertical Deflection Issues

    I have a Macintosh Classic II (Performa 200) on which vertical deflection was not working. All I got was the bright horizontal line. After replacing nearly all the electrolytic caps, the video/power ICs, and testing a few diodes, I was still getting the exact same symptoms. When I checked...
  3. SuperSVGA

    LC TDK 699-0153 PSU Reference

    LC TDK 699-0153 PSU Since there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on these LC power supplies, I thought I would share what I've been working on the past few months. My next goal is figuring out what everything on the board does in order to ease diagnosis, unfortunately I don't know much...
  4. SuperSVGA

    "Dumping" Protected GALs - Any Tricks?

    I'm working on reverse engineering and cloning an ethernet card for the SE/30, and right now I'm stuck on the GALs. The board has two Lattice GAL16V8As, and I'm assuming they're both protected in some way. I've tried dumping both with a TL866ii but neither appears as if I'm getting the actual...
  5. SuperSVGA

    Apple II Plus inside an IBM clone case?!?

    I've had this for a little while, but thought I might as well post it here since I haven't shown it off much. I have no idea who did this or why, but it appears someone has put an Apple ][+ motherboard inside an IBM clone case (I assume it's a clone case, but maybe all the branding has been...
  6. SuperSVGA

    Inductor L53 in TDK 699-0153 LC PSU?

    Does anyone know the specs for the inductor at L53 in the TDK 699-0153 LC power supply? It appears in mine L53 is shorted (along with L51 and L52) and I'm looking to replace it to see if it gets the power supply going again, but I can't find any markings on it. I would test the one in my...
  7. SuperSVGA

    Apple ][ Plus ROM corruption or RAM issue?

    I recently acquired a very strange Apple ][ Plus (let's just say the motherboard and power supply are the only original parts). It seems to start up fine (so far I've only tested it with all the cards removed), but many actions will cause it to crash to the monitor or get stuck printing...
  8. SuperSVGA

    Anyone able to identify this SE/30 Network Card?

    I recently found this card, and it's not one I've seen before. There are no clear identifiable markings on it other than "470E". Has anyone seen this card before?
  9. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh "Case Cracker"

    I remembered seeing one of these in another building but not knowing what it was at the time. Now that I know what they are, I had to go back and get it! Seems to be in pretty good condition.
  10. SuperSVGA

    MacCon IIsi SE/30 Not Working. Any Ideas?

    I recently acquired an Asante MacCon IIsi SE/30 network card, but I can't seem to get it to work. When attempting to install the Asante drivers, it fails to detect the card. When I try to run the Asante Troubleshooter, the system crashes with a "bus error". The troubleshooter runs with...
  11. SuperSVGA

    Here's a new one...

    So I ordered an SE/30 off eBay last week, and it just got today.  Opened it up, looked to be in pretty good condition. Fully sealed in bubble wrap, no damage from shipping (although the FedEx guy was putting the note on the door as he knocked, didn't even bring the package with him). The Apple...
  12. SuperSVGA

    Branching PowerKey ADB Cable?

    Does anyone know anything about the PowerKey Classic's ADB cable? Here's the diagram they show from the manual: I've got one coming in a few weeks, but it doesn't appear to include the cable. Would just using a simple passive S-Video splitter work?
  13. SuperSVGA

    SE/30 SCSI Not Detected

    I have an SE/30 that works great, except I can't get it to detect the internal SCSI hard drive. Booting from a 7.0.1 Disk Tools disk, I can run HD SC Setup but it tells me that no suitable SCSI devices were found. The drive spins up fine, but the activity light never blinks. I tried pulling a...