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  1. superjer2000

    Compact Mac Transcoded Video Idea

    I have been playing around with @fstark 's awesome MacFlim (now with audio) and it struck me how great it would be to watch non-pre-prepped content on my SE/30. Stealing @tashtari 's Elevator Pitch proposal style... Elevator Pitch: It's a hardware/software solution that allows full screen...
  2. superjer2000

    Force32 Feature Request

    @cheesestraws - Force32 is awesome and saves a fair bit of time fiddling around with PRAM-battery-less Macs. I know the Github page indicates that the extension doesn't check for 32-bit addressing capability but it would be awesome if if would check the gestalt ID and not do it's magic if it's...
  3. superjer2000

    Mac Classic with Din 8 at back

    There is a Mac Classic for sale somewhat local that has a Din 8 (not mini) connector drilled into the back.  Any thoughts as to what it might be?  Some sort of video upgrade?
  4. superjer2000

    Color Classic Missing Green

    @Bolle You seemed to have solved this in an earlier thread - I couldn't quite tell what fixed it though...  (and it was only 10 years ago so I'm sure it's still top of mind!) I recently recapped the analog board in one of my Color Classics.  When I started it back up I noticed the colours were...
  5. superjer2000

    Caps - Tantalum or Electrolytes

    I'm planning on recapping my Newtons and thought I'd start with my 2100. Looking at the logic board, there are a good number of yellow tantalums.  There is only one can SMD. What I'm not sure is if the black square caps are tantalums or electrolytics.  They kind of look like tantalums, but...
  6. superjer2000

    Mac Classic Oscillator needs to be jump started

    I finished restoring a Mac Classic (recapping logic and analog boards and fully cleaning the unit) and when booting it up for the first time I was presented with a non-functioning clock (the seconds didn't count up in the control panel). I've had this issue before but it was a broken trace...
  7. superjer2000

    SE/30 - Sony PSU switch and Seasonic load resistor

    I recently purchased an SE/30 and replaced the Sony PSU with a Seasonic.  After putting the system back together (recapping and replacing a couple of ICs with legs that were starting to corrode due to cap leakage), I noticed the system wouldn't always turn on reliably - Sometimes after I flipped...
  8. superjer2000

    SE/30 Video Section Replacement Parts

    Does anyone have a list of known good Mouser or Digikey part numbers for the following SE/30 ICs: UE8 LS166 UF8 and UG8 LS393 UA8, UB8 and UC8 74F253 Thanks!
  9. superjer2000

    512K Disappointment

    I picked up a 512k today - I already have two other 512s but I wanted to get this one as I spotted a SCSI port at the battery location. I removed the SCSI plate and was happy to see only minor corrosion from the battery, and all confined to the battery holder. The unit does have a MacSnap SCSI...
  10. superjer2000

    LC575 C2/C5 Capacitor Question

    I removed the caps from the logic board of the LC575 I just bought. Before soldering on new caps, I always like to check to ensure that the pads have continuity somewhere else on the board to see if I have to do any jumpering. The positive leg of C5 and C20 are connected and then C2 connects to...
  11. superjer2000

    Horizontal coil temperature

    I just finished recapping an SE FDHD analog board. I was getting some very minor video interference and so I was checking temperatures with my FLIR IR thermometer. After about 30 minutes I was surprised to see the horizontal coil at about 63c.  I know these coils are usually one of the hottest...
  12. superjer2000

    ADB Mouse Prevent Boot?

    I haven't ever seen this before -  I moved my SE/30 downstairs to do some testing on something else, plugged in a random mouse (that I had coincidentally just retrobrighted) no keyboard and flipped on the power switch.  I was greeted with a flashing disk icon - my SCSI2SD wasn't booting.  I...
  13. superjer2000

    Apple IIgs Fan

    I have been using my IIgs quite a bit recently and noticed that even with the PSU having been retrofitted with a ReactiveMicro supply, the inside of the IIGS was still getting quite warm.  Most of the heat seemed to be coming from the PSU. I rigged up a fan mount with cardboard and noticed the...
  14. superjer2000

    Macintosh Classic Horizontal Bars / Horizontal Lines on Boot

    I just finished recapping 3 Mac Classic logic boards. When starting them up, two displayed horizontal lines on boot (not garbled, just perfect ~4 pixel wide horizontal lines). When taking them back to the garage to clean them up I noticed that the ROM on the board I had just powered up felt...
  15. superjer2000

    Mac Classic Capacitor Failure Cause

    I just finished pulling the analog boards from my 5 Classics/Classic IIs so I could recap the analog boards. I had done the logic boards before and had varying degrees of SMD leakage. Same with my other Macs, different amounts of leakage from the logic board cans and zero leakage from my SE30...
  16. superjer2000

    Pre-SE Analog Board Capacitor and Upgrade Mouser List

    I recently revived my Mac 128k analog board by replacing all of the capacitors, doing the upgrades noted in Macintosh Repairs and Upgrade Secrets and replacing Q1 and Q2 transistors as well as U3 Optoisolator.  I'm not sure what part(s) were bad, but the board fired right up after replacing...
  17. superjer2000

    Transferring SIT archives driving me crazy!!

    I'm trying to get my IIci setup with an assortment of applications and games.  I generally download files to my NAS and then redownload them to my IIci (or SE/30) using Fetch over Ethernet. While a lot of compressed files open up just fine this way, probably about 50% of them can't be opened by...
  18. superjer2000

    Confirm IIci cache card is functioning

    I bought a 32k cache card for my IIci, recapped it and installed it. I would like to confirm it's working but I'm not sure what utility will show it's installed. Tattletech doesn't show the IIci PDS slot and it shows 0k of L2 cache under CPU.  Any suggestions for a program that can at least...
  19. superjer2000

    RasterOps Color Board 108 Plus

    I have one of these in my Mac IIcx. It ran fine with a vga adapter but only greyscale. When I selected Colors rather than Greys in the monitors control panel, the radio button switched but it still didn't display color. I reset the PRAM and tried booting to another system folder and finally...
  20. superjer2000

    Pre SE Analog Board Q1 and Q2 Transistor Replacements

    I'm looking for suitable replacements for Q1 and Q2 on my 128k Analog Board. The parts are MPS-U01 and MPS-U51 (2A, 10W transistors, NPN and PNP, respectively).  These parts aren't made anymore and I have googled and googled and can't find any obvious substitutes. 1) Has anybody out there...