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    Troubleshooting Quadro 4500 FX in G5 Quad

    looks like a PC Card to me. I think the Mac version would have a longer bracket that slides into the PCIe slot carrier behind the cards in the G5. I also recall that the faceplate on the Mac version had the typical Apple aluminum finish, rather than the shiny metal on the PC cards. My bet is...
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    Converting Acard AEC-7722 to AEC-7726

    I only used mine on the 50 pin interface on the Beige G3/SE/30 so I can't comment on that. Glad you've sorted out the inconsistencies, though.
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    SSHeven: a modern SSH client for Mac OS 7/8/9

    @cy384 - this is amazing! great work! From what I recall from MacSSH, you need to enable outdated ciphers/key exchange protocols on the modern server to allow MacSSH to connect. The OP says that SSHeven should work with modern servers OOTB.
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    Don't use 16V SOLID Tantalum on SE/30 Motherboards

    I agree that it, if you have not already recapped your Mac, it would be wise to use 25v caps instead of 16v due to the negligible increase in price. However, I believe that your conclusions regarding the risk of using 16v caps are overstated: This is true, but why omit the context, page 19 of...
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    SE/30 Power Supply: Recap or ATX?

    Adding a data point here: I recapped the Apple Singapore version of the SE/30 power supply earlier this spring (same PSU as what @thxkbye, @iamroot  have posted in this thread). It seems that capacitor leakage is a huge issue on these PSUs: mean looked similar to the picture above, and there was...
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    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    I would expect a large red film cap to look like the attached - in fact I grabbed that image from the cap kit you linked.  Are you sure you didn't actually install the cap intended for C15 into the C12 spot? The original C12 cap is a film capacitor, so I think it would be an easy mistake to...
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    7200/120 - Repair Quantum Fireball SE Drive?

    Just got this Power Mac 7200/120 for next to nothing. Only upgrade is a two port USB card. Nothing too exciting.  It seems that the SCSI hard drive (Quantum Fireball SE) in this thing is dying. When I turn it on, it starts booting and gets into the Mac OS 8.6 screen very quickly. Unfortunately...
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    Help setting up Ethernet with an SE/30

    +1 - I have one of these cards, so I'm also curious. I haven't gotten a chance to test mine. Interestingly enough, the chip for U8 has identifying markings ground off and replaced with an Asante label on mine, while it is not concealed on yours. Looks like it is a PAL chip. I've never seen...
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    Beige G3 w/G4 upgrade - overclocking?

    I feared that I would get this response...  Here's what happens with the other 5 settings: Is there any way to tell if the processor speed is being reported correctly? I'm just reading from Apple System Profiler in 9.2.2 right now.  I found some interesting info on this old thread: and...
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    Beige G3 w/G4 upgrade - overclocking?

    Just got a Beige G3 Desktop. Someone in the past has installed an OWC G4/550 upgrade, which was a nice surprise Are there any drivers necessary to use this CPU in OS 9/OS X? It seems that the answer is no, but I don't know if there's any functionality that is missing without drivers. I'd...
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    CRT turns on vertically squished, picture corrects over time

    I have a weird problem with a 12" 640x480 display. When I first turn it on, the picture is extremely squished vertically - otherwise fine. Over about 10-15 minutes, the display gradually stretches vertically until the picture looks normal. This happens so slowly that it really is imperceptible...
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    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    I've been playing around with the idea of making a similar daughterboard, but with an OpenWRT router integrated, rather than the Vonets. I tried to track down the datasheet for what @joethezombie posted, though it says UM9095L I think it's the same as DM9095L; looks like UMC and Davicom are...
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    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    :cry:  On the SE with System 7.1, no file generated... The .txt file is generated immediately on the iMac running 9.2.2, and it seems to write to it just fine there as it goes through the process of logging in. No such luck on the SE. Out of curiosity, since things are behaving weirdly here, is...
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    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Also, trying to get stunnel set up correct for Spotify - my  /etc/init.d/stunnel seems very different from what it should be, according to the GitHub instructions (copied below): vim /etc/init.d/stunnel Line 96: Change from: printf "accept = %s:%s\n" "$accept_host" "$accept_port"...
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    Mac SE - checkerboard and repeated chimes

    Working on a Mac SE. It seemed to work fine, when I got it about a month ago. Tried it the other night and had some issues - it would chime, and chime, and chime, then display Sad Macs.  I didn't get around to taking it apart till now, found a battery in the early process of leaking. Removed the...
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    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Have you seen the controllers like this one that can be reconfigured for numerous displays (including 5V vs 3.3v) through the use of jumpers? I'm no expert, but I *think* you can get away with a cheap, generic LVDS controller - no need to spend a lot of money on one tied to your specific...
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    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Yeah that board stuck out like a sore thumb! I pushed it in a little but didn't want to push too hard. Does it need to go in further? I'm just paranoid about breaking the glass underneath the board. 
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    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Yeah, I wasn't sure I had a long enough screwdriver... but I do! The hard drive is a Seagate ST-325N, looks like a 20MB disk.  Pretty obvious why the CRT is not turning on... really hoping it isn't cracked.  How do I reattach this without damaging myself or the glass? I know the CRT in these...
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    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Just nabbed this Mac SE off local craigslist.  When I got home, noticed something interesting - looks like some network card. Looks exactly like an Asante Maccon for the SE/30, can’t find any that look like this for the SE. Makes a beep when I turn it on. I can hear a hard drive spin up as...