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    68060 in Mac

    There was some discussion about this topic a few years ago: https://mac68k.info/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=299 It didn't really go anywhere, though...
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    SCSI floppy drive for Mac SE/30?

    You're thinking of Floptical drives which are backwards compatible I think? From memory they're not bootable unless you use the floptical discs and won't read Mac 400/800k discs, but otherwise should work. See here: http://www.macfaq.org/hardware/media.shtml#Q2.3.4
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    520/540 AC adapter disassembly

    I got mine apart by crushing it in a vice until various bits cracked, then rotating. Eventually it came apart in slightly more pieces than I'd have liked but mostly along the seams. Obviously you have to be really careful not to tighten it too much as it could potentially crush the innards!
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    Trip report: Internal scuznet install in an SE

    Very nice! I especially like the rj45 backplate I do have a plan to do a re-spin of the Scuznet board with an IDC50 connector on it at some point, but I'm halfway through moving house and three other projects at the moment so hopefully I'll get some time next month!
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    TelePort ADB Modem Protocol?

    Indeed there are! There's an ADB I/O device which I have tried asking about on here before, but nobody could give me any info: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/buzzz-adb-i-o-device-recreation.39060/ I'd love to recreate it and play with home automation and the like!
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    Bronze Sound / AC Board in Pismo?

    They have a different part number, but they do look physically very similar. Never tried swapping them over myself but I have had both of these machines apart in the past and do remember them being very similar inside...
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    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    Fantastic! Looks really good!
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    Eagle vs. KiCad

    I learnt EAGLE as part of my degree course, but back then there was a proper free version which only limited board size. When they switched to a subscription only model, I followed the rather rapid advancement of KiCAD, and then earlier this year gave it a go - the transition was surprisingly...
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    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    Much better 😊
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    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    New version here: https://github.com/aladds/3D-Apple-Objects-STL/blob/main/RamClip-Group.stl
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    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    Very close! I seem to have mis-measured the spacing between the holes. Otherwise it fits pretty well (including the screw holes being about right for the original screws to go into) I’ll adjust that when I get a moment, then I’d suggest getting it printed in something which is a bit more...
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    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    Believe it or not, yes! I spent about 40 mins making this, not tried printing it yet but it might work :) Note that I made it all as wide as the end supports are, since I'm pretty sure this won't work so well in PLA as it did in ABS. I'll give it a print and let you know how I get on! Edit...
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    60% Mac Reproductions & KBDs: Printable today, scalable to full size tomorrow?

    So a bigger version of this, essentially? Sounds like a great idea!
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    Idea/dream/wish: Exposé for classic Mac OS

    Ok this works *really well* on my Q650 under 7.6.1 (and this system has lots of extraneous crud installed like Speed Doubler/Conflict Catcher) I’m very impressed!
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    Newtpaint FULL version?

    If I'm honest I can't remember where this came from. I was a member of the NTLK mailing list back when I used a MP2100 as my daily driver, so it's possible it came from there or someone on there. If we think it might not be legitimate to have this here then I'm totally ok with it being removed...
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    Dumb question: OS 7.6 AFP password saving?

    I think the PowerTalk Keychain can do this? It probably wouldn’t work in 7.6, mind you, since PowerTalk was unsupported after 7.5.5, but it did save passwords. There is of course a chance that if you copy it (and its various extensions and plugins) from a copy of 7.5.5 with PowerTalk installed...
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    Scuznet SCSI to Ethernet Adapter PCB & parts kit

    DM me - I have some boards I had made up and enough parts I think to put together 3 kits at the moment, although I'm in the UK. I've been charging £30 + postage for a kit or £40 + postage assembled. (I'm also doing PowerBook versions, although I've still got a few things to sort out there -...
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    Anyone have an ADB graphics tablet or joystick?

    Somewhere I have an old ADB Wacom tablet - and for certain it does not have absolute positioning without the driver.
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    Quadra 650 dead...but PSU works

    It doesn't, sadly - although I have made a little progress. Whilst I don't have a full schematic, looking at the various startup circuit schematics for II series Macs (IIcx/IIci/IIfx seem similar in operation) I have determined that the signal for powering on the Mac does make it out of the...
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    Quadra 650 dead...but PSU works

    OK so I managed to get it to power on by shorting the two pins on the PSU to get it to start. At this point I get a bong and a flashing question mark (although nothing is plugged into it apart from a monitor and a PSU so fine) What's interesting though, is that I can then power it down with the...