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    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    Firmware v1.1.0 is now available. This update provides significant increases in both read and write performance. Large reads on a PowerMac 6100/60 with MacSD at 57MHz now exceed 3.2MB/s (up from 2.3). Writes are improved by ~500KB/s over previous firmware: v1.1.0 at 48MHz outperforms...
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    What did I just win on eBay?

    Some kind of floppy controller?
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    Quadra 610 - Maintenance and VRAM oddities

    Try removing the VRAM and running at the highest possible resolution. If the garbage in a window follows as you drag it, it's probably RAM. This was the case on my Centris 610. I replaced four of the RAM chips and the problem hasn't returned.
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    How to install software on Performa 6200? Help?

    Yes, unzip the downloads on your G5, then burn the contents. You need Stuffit Expander to expand .sit files. Compact Pro opens .cpt files. If you're burning an HFS formatted CD, you may be able to unpack these archives on your G5. The third file is a zipped CD image. Unzip it on your G5...
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    How to install software on Performa 6200? Help?

    What type of file did you download? All you should need to do on the destination machine is expand or mount the download. I'm not sure why creating a disk image would be necessary.
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    FPU, software, and a Classic II

    A 40 MHz FPU is available: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/classic-ii-fpu-rom-card.3804/
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    Why and How to build your own Chooser Extension

    I wasn't sure what the standard header was doing with A0, so I switched to custom. Standard is probably fine and I may revert to it later.
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    Why and How to build your own Chooser Extension

    To avoid confusing others, the above is for a non-chooser code resource. If I'm derailing this thread, I can start another. Trying THINK C 5,6 and (Symantec C++) 8 for this purpose, 6 is the sweet spot, taking all the good points of 5 and adding wider object compatibility. 8 is slow, insists...
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    Why and How to build your own Chooser Extension

    `Thanks for the reply. There was much fuss and muss until I set A0 correctly... Since I'm not using the standard header, I needed this at 0x10: LEA header, A0 JMP main Is there a way to get printfs working with ANSI-A4?
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    MacSD in an LC630

    It should work fine. Don't terminate the enclosure if MacSD has resistors installed.
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    Why and How to build your own Chooser Extension

    I'm figuring out the SetUpA4.h stuff which seems to be exclusive to THINK C. Looks like any non-application project will set up an "A4 world", where code resource globals are addressed relative to A4. I assume any functions I call must be set up the same way, so I'm linking against ANSI-A4...
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    Why and How to build your own Chooser Extension

    Thanks for the reply. I think I understand now; each THINK C 5 project makes at most one code resource. It was easy enough to compile a code resource I could load and execute from another project. Symantec C(++) 8 works differently. A code resource project is a template of nested projects...
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    Why and How to build your own Chooser Extension

    It looks like you're using a bit of assembly to place the code in a specific resource type. I'm having a tough time doing the same with Symantec C 8. Considering this is essential for an extension, driver, control panel, etc, I can't believe there's not a more straightforward way to do this...
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    Implementing an IAC MIDI sink compatible with OMS

    My goal is to create an application that can receive MIDI data from OMS using its IAC driver. I haven't had much success in finding implementation details of this interface. My understanding is that IAC (inter-application communication) is a collection of methods that applications use to...
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    Classic with battery damage—can it be saved?

    I have a similar wreck. I had to remove the RTC, sound chip and Bourns network to get it semi-working. Those diodes shouldn't keep it from booting.