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    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    I'd be interested in 2 or 3 of these as well. Been playing with some localtalk stuff but my desire to run phonenet cables around the house is minimal.
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    iBook G3 Clamshell - no power. the LED around the power plug flashes green for a second and then turns off

    I recently picked up a couple of clamshells, one working and one that was sold as for parts. On the parts unit, the LED around the power plug flashes green for a second and then turns off. Any idea of things to check? Power adapter is a yoyo adapter and is known to be good. If it's an...
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    recapping a Portable M5120, non backlight

    Searched archive.org for maccaps and while the page is archived, the photos with the cap locations arent I believe this should be an accurate list https://console5.com/wiki/Macintosh_Portable
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    old macs are stupid. APRIL FOOLS!

    old macs are stupid. APRIL FOOLS!
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    BlueSCSI naming convention question

    On the latest firmware(20211215), you don't need to specify the LUN or sector size, just the SCSI ID, so you can just name it HD6-System 7.0.1.hda or HD2.hda or whatever. If you purchased your BlueSCSI after around December 15th, it should have that firmware. (The old naming will still work...
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    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    When the Wiki is back, maybe a section for 3d printed objects would be helpful? At least with list of objects and then links to the posts in this topic? https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/3d-printed-objects.4483/
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    Macintosh classic: no physical floppy disks, bought a raSCSI, how do I install the daynaport software?

    https://github.com/akuker/rascsi-bootstrap-images Download, extract, and mount one of these images with the RaSCSI, in the Utilities folder are the Daynaport drivers
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    The compact Mac krewe

    Nice collection! Is the one all the way on the left a 128? or 512? Which retrobrite method do you use?
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    Best Quicksilver Graphics Card?

    95% sure yours ended up with a GeForce 2 in it
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    Quicksilver Restoration

    I might take you up on that, looked at mine yesterday, and while it's no where near as bad as yours, it's got a couple of scuffs on the side.
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    Quicksilver Restoration

    That looks great! I changed my mind I want it back now :LOL:
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    How to connect iMac G3 Tray loader to wifi

    Even if it did support Airport, those are limited to WEP security(which you don't want to run on your wifi) Best bet is a modern ethernet to wifi adapter("Wireless Ethernet Bridge" is sometimes another name for it) With one of those, from the iMac's side it will just see it as a regular...
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    New game release: Flappy Mac

    Looks fun, I enjoyed Flappy Bird. (Side note, at VCF East a few years ago someone re-wrote a basic version of FlappyBird to run on the Commodore 64) Hoping that I can manage to snag a physical release if he releases more, but if not I'll definitely toss a few bucks to help support the project!
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    Mac SE stripped case screw advice

    Also, I'm not too familiar with the Radius FPD card, can it just hook up to a regular CGA monitor or something? Or was it a proprietary thing
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    Mac SE stripped case screw advice

    I have a bunch of spare compact case screws, so if you need a non-stripped one shoot me a DM with your address and I can drop one in the mail for you.