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    3D-Printed Objects

    I think I found the little mini curve duplicator tool you're looking for! A company named MicroMark makes small version of trades tools... https://www.micromark.com/6-Contour-Gauge
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    Compatible PB180 case lid parts?

    All – after coughing on my PowerBook 180, the dreaded hinge failure seems to have happened. I'd like to replace the lid of the PB180 (i.e. the top case which the screen hinges screw onto.) Would y'all happen to know whether other PowerBook models have compatible parts, and if so which? PowerBook...
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    Modern DIN-8-to-USB adapters?

    All – any good recommendations for a DIN-8 to USB serial adapter that I can use to connect an eMate, or a Mac printer port to a modern Mac? I used to use a Keyspan 8-pin serial to USB adapter every time I needed to connect one of my old Macs to my rMBP. Unfortunately, I updated to Catalina, and...
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    Doom on SoftPC on an SE/30?

    This isn't a recap troubleshooting thread, I know, so I'll make it worth your time. Would someone have the capacity to run Doom on SoftPC on an (extremely tricked out) SE/30? I don't have enough RAM to do so myself, but I do have this morbid curiosity to see how well it would run. I wonder how...
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    PB180 preventative maintenance?

    Hey all – I just scored this very well-preserved PowerBook 180 in working condition, no cosmetic damage, and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm not familiar with 68k PowerBooks, so is there some preventative maintenance I can do right now (i.e. replacing the PRAM, recapping, reinforcing brittle...
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    Desoldering AB caps with large pads, tips?

    I have a Classic AB which, while otherwise fine, suffers from "screen shimmers" every time it reads from the disk. I figured that recapping the AB would fix that, and I've managed to recap everything but the beefiest capacitors – CP1 and CP13, both 220uF/250V capacitors. Unfortunately, it...
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    Classic II Rev. 2 Schematics

    I've attached the Bomarc schematics with that PN I'm using... although I remember running across what seemed to be like typos when I was recapping my Classic II, so it may be for a first revision board.
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    Classic Restore

    +1 to LaPorta's note – there are two revisions of Classic AB, and I used this helpful diagram (from the very useful "Technical Procedures Macintosh Family") to figure out which was which: Welcome to Classic gang gang! These are so, so much easier to work on than SEs and SE/30s. Dare I say...
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    [A/UX] Drop-in clean A/UX install image for SCSI2SD

    Here's a strange glitch I'm observing on my SE/30 – if you remove A/UX Startup from Startup Items, I can't run A/UX Startup manually – I get the following error: (It used to be 512k.) No editing of the minimum + preferred memory sizes fixes the problem. Has anyone seen this before?
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    Mysterious simasimac after replacing SE/30 PRAM battery

    It looked like that was it – thanks so much for catching what I missed! I used a few rubber bands to apply pressure to the ROM SIMM like so for a quick fix:   Thanks @dochilli, @Daniël Oosterhuis as well for the leads – there actually did turn out to be a little gunk in the socket as well.
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    Mysterious simasimac after replacing SE/30 PRAM battery

    All – I'm genuinely flummoxed by this. Have any of y'all seen this happen before? I took a working, recapped SE/30 without a PRAM battery, installed a new PRAM battery off Amazon, and boom – simasimac on boot, no chime, even after waiting for RAM check to complete. Removed the PRAM battery, and...