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    Decked out Apple IIgs vs. Decked out PLUS

    I saw this one last weekend:
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    Quadra 700 Appreciation - Stories - Got one?

    Just want to say "thanks" to Charles. A little retrobrite turned this Q700 into a looker:
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    Self running promotional demos

    There was a demo included on the 1400's restore disc:
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    TheMacGuy's Latest

    Ah, CompUSA with their "Apple Store" within a store... As I recall, this is what prompted "real" Apple stores.
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    PB Duo: keyboard substitute

    You'll have a fair amount of cutting here too: The keyboard is just about exactly as wide as the outside dimension of the Powerbook Duo top case. With the Duo case over top, you can barely see the plastic edge trim of the Powerbook G4 on the outside edge.
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    PB Duo: keyboard substitute

    A 12" iBook G4 keyboard is wider than a PowerBook Duo 2300c topcase by about 1/16" on either side and you'd lose the top row of function keys if you tried to fit it into the Duo's keyboard space.
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    My Latest ...

    Nah, I ripped it all out myself.
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    My Latest ...

    The IIci cleaned up nicely.
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    My Latest ...

    Here is the Serial card. It is a "Stealth Serial" from GeeThree and they retail for $49 (if the company still exists). The handiest feature seems to be Localtalk compatibility in OS 9. I hadn't ever seen one of these before:
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    Markings On The Back of 500 Series Powerbook LCD Panels

    I should also note that the Sharp and Toshiba panels use different display data cables so if you swap panel brands, make sure you also have the appropriate data cable. Of note is that while the Sharp panel may be brighter and the colors more vivid, it has a greater "dot pitch" so to speak - to...
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    Daynaport E/30

    I found the same chip (DP83932VF) on an Asante FriendlyNet LC Rev. A (PN: 09-00500-01) card:
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    My Latest ...

    Five Plusses. Five Fridays next month. Coincidence? Look for an official thread next week.
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    Quadra 950 ... Mostly Dead

    I had to ground pin 2 of U44 (pin2 has a trace that runs to an edge connector J1 that conveniently has a ground point also). I attached my MacBook to the Quadra 950's modem port with a Keyspan serial to USB adapter and used screen to access it via terminal screen /dev/ttyUSB28x1d1P1.1 9800 8N2
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    Quadra 950 ... Mostly Dead

    Not all dead. MOSTLY dead. Looking for a clue here ... I picked up a Quadra 950 last week and it game me half the chimes of death on the first boot. I removed four of the memory modules and it started booting normally so I figured it was good. I took it apart today to give it a thorough...
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    My Latest ...

    And I just rounded the week out with a Q950 my wife spied at a yard sale this morning: