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    PowerBook Scuznet adaptor

    So these would fit in any PowerBook 2.5” SCSI bay?
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    MaxAppleZoom and Monitor Expander - potential display upsizing?

    Article over on LEM says:     13" AppleColor High-Res, 12" Monochrome and High-Res Monochrome [**] Mac II (Toby), Mac II High-Res, 4/8, 8/24  Anyone ever use these back in the day?  While they are both long gone, it might be interesting to dig them (or Mr Natao) up for investigation.  
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    3D-Printed Objects

    You mean Danamania's Quadra 805?   See also:  Mac IIbx, Quadra 400, and the Quadra-ish SCSI tower.
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    new case styles for Floppy Emu

    Compare the styling on the Global Village Teleport Modem.  Maybe bring your grooves a bit further back from the front end, and in from the sides.  Or ... and I realise this is going to be tricky .... centre the display cutout widthwise, and have it only show the actual LCD area, and not the...
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    Writing to a read-only (ROM) socket

    http://bitchin100.com/wiki/index.php?title=REX_Overview   Now, granted, the 68k does not use a multiplexed address/data bus, but - does this stir any ideas?
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    Volume size limits under HFS and HFS+

    With thanks to defor for compiling this information over here. /B =====   These are the limits for HFS support on Macintosh System/MacOS: (I had to dig a bit to find this) Maximum HFS partition sizes by OS version: Macintosh System 1.x - 7.1.x : 2GB1 Macintosh System 7.5.x : 4GB1 Macintosh...
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    Macintosh Plus...should I buy?

    That photo is way too dark to tell but .... is that an external monitor?  Cause between that and the wording   If that's a Plus with an internal upgrade for a second monitor, with the (usually specific and non-standard) matching monitor, booting, for $50 ...
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    ibooks are so much fun...

    Where there's a will, there's a way:     Repair your iBook's logic board with a candle
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    What makes the 68k processors so cool?

    Over at SegaRetro is the best reasonably noob-friendly explanation I've discovered yet of the powerful features of the 68k family, why programmers and system builders were drawn to it, and the shortcomings of the 68000 which were addressed in later models in the series...
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    PPP to Wifi module in a Newton (and maybe others?)

    Listing this under Hacks rather than Newton, because it seems like it would be usable on a lot of older machines: Giving Wifi To An Apple Newton - Hackaday   {bolding mine} The module itself is called the Nano WiREACH SMT OB G2. It has some other interesting features, like DHCP, optional...
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    Unlocking "smart" batteries (Thinkpad example)

    Thought this article on Hackaday might inspire or suggest some possible attacks on those SMRT Powerbook batteries that sometimes won't play nice when re-celled.   Unlocking ThinkPad batteries    
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    840AV and 660AV: are the ROMs identical?

    As in the title.  Does anyone know?  Would anyone be able to run a diff on the two files and see?
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    IIGS cooling (without a System Saver)?

    I was thinking more like this "PCI fan" type, uniserver.
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    ADB tricks: 2nd mouse button, Powerbook trackball

    Stupid ADB Tricks According to this, most ADB mice have a pin on their chip for a second button. He also gets a trackball from a Powerbook working as an external desktop device. And builds a converter for Mac 128k mice to ADB from an old ADB mouse:  
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    ATI XClaim VR AGP recording on Mac? (not All-In-Wonder)

    Just wondering if anyone has ever got the recording side of these /edit/ All-In-Wonder / cards to work in a Mac.